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Finance Finance Finance strives to find the best deal for every client and their business.

Our clients from around the country approach us for help to purchase a range of items, including utes, trucks, trailers, SUV, cars.

We have even financed sausage machines (for human consumption) and machines that have helped make dog food.

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Equipment Loan Financing

Want top of the range equipment so you can get ahead of your competition? We can help any Australian business – old or new, big, or small – with equipment financing.

Chattel Mortgage vs Finance Lease

Due to the popularity of Chattel mortgages at Finance Finance Finance we can make sure we offer you the best possible choice and options for you to choose from. We can negotiate a better rate and help in making you feel secure in knowing that we are part of the journey to get you a new vehicle or equipment. See below what a Chattel mortgage offers for your business compared to a Finance lease.

Chattel mortgages: Key Points
Finance lease

With a finance lease, it is the financier who owes the asset. The client then leases or hires the asset from the financier for a fixed monthly payment over a set time 2yrs to 5yrs. At the end of the contract the client can pay a small fee to own the vehicle or equipment outright. Whilst they seem similar there are options that make the two of them stand apart

Ownership and GST are the biggest consideration.

As you can see the main difference between Chattel mortgage and finance lease are the ownership of the asset and the tax implication.

Most owners and finance companies would rather Business choose Chattel mortgage.

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How Quickly Can Equipment Financing Be Arranged?

At present, it can take up to a week for finance to be approved. That is because the Coronavirus pandemic has altered how finance companies now look at deals.

Financiers will also delve into a business’s financial history, to ensure there is no cause for concern. Additionally, some will want bank statements to prove that income is coming in on a regular basis.

Business Finance Broker Brisbane

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Stephen B.

Business Equipment Loan

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